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ExQuisiTe rAndOMneSs: Invitation to a thought corner

I have recently discovered that I am a Writer.

That is; I’ve recently discovered that I love to do this writing thing that I’ve been doing my whole life and now I want to do it as a profession and so I should start calling myself a Writer. I guess nothing has really changed in the way I Am except a perception to an already existing presence in my life: I write.

I love writing -> I should do what I love because it makes life easier to live -> I should write as a way to make money because then I’d make money doing what I love and I need some money to get along in this world -> I should call myself a Writer because then I’d be doing what I Love and people would understand that I love what I’m doing because I call myself a Writer.

* (“->” = “therefore”, or ‘follow this line of thought to see where it goes and how it gets there’)

So I have recently discovered – rediscovered – that I am a Writer.

I have also discovered that I have a unique way of experiencing the Universe – which I open-heartedly declare is no better or worse than any other unique experiencing of the Universe that everyone else does. As individuals, we All experience a unique Universe – A Uniquiverse – and I am actually really excited to be blogging; not only to share my Uniquiverse but to learn about everyone else’s Uniquiverse and find out Our commonalities and Our divergencies. We are Unique in our Diversities so we’re bound to have divergencies. But the base thought is our commonality. “What do you think about Blue?”
“Well I think…” & “I think…” & “I’ll tell you what I think…” are our Divergencies but “Blue” is our Base; our commonality.

Where am I going with this?

Oh yes.

I am excited to be sharing my thoughts and I Invite those who read this blog to share their thoughts as well – which is more exciting still. I think about things and experience them in certain ways and I sometimes wonder if there are others that think the same way and/or how they think about them differently. I just wanted to create a little corner of the internet where I could share with the world and have the world share back.

I think this Universe is fascinating. It is complex, and beautiful -> Exquisite. It is the potential for infinite unique possibilities -> Randomness. I ain’t no quantum physicist but I knows what I likes and I likes this idea that the Universe is Exquisite Randomness.

I write this blog without Ego. I write this blog because I have an Urge to. I have thoughts I want to express. I have an urge to hear what others think about random things. I have a Desire to connect to people; connect people to people; to have a forum in which to connect – this little corner of the internet. I write without Ego so I am open to diverging thoughts. I am open to Definitives. I am open to Discussions. I am open to the Broad and to the Narrow; to the Obtuse and the Acute. I am open to Disagreement. I am not interested in Arguing though and so I may choose or not choose to respond to comments. Do not let this deter you from responding, react as you’d like. I realize we All live a Uniquiverse and I am giddy with anticipation to see how this all plays out.

So this is an Invitation; an invitation: to read, to think, to inspire, to inquire, to comment (or not), to poo-poo (or not), to “yes but…” or to “yes and…” or to “yes and but…”.

It is also just a word, “Invitation,” and you don’t have to do anything with it. You are free to let it go. But just so you know, this is an open invitation, you can always check in and see what’s up in da hersh universe.

Welcome and now lets see where this goes.

da hersh

P.S. If this blog incites: a spark, a thought, a reaction be it intellectual, emotional or spiritual; please feel free to copy and repost the blog in any of your Personal Social Etherworld Connectors. The more the merrier.

P.P.S Happy Holidays!