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Infinity is Change

I am intrigued by the c0ncept of infinity. The idea that something has no end, no boundaries, that encompasses Absolutely Everything – it’s a big thought. My mac dictionary says infinity is, “limitless or endless in space, extent or size.” I like that definition, ‘limitless and endless’, and the way I define that definition is thus… I think of Infinity as a state of constant flux – of constant change. If something is changing, no matter how minutely, it is an expression of infinity because as long as it’s changing it has no fixed end -> endless. You can’t put a measure on it because as soon as you do it is changing and therefore has no finite shape. So when I make infinity a shape, I think of it like a colourful cloud, I imagine that cloud is a constant shifting of colour and shape and size and dimension and I imagine Infinity as such a shape. As long as the cloud shifts, it has no end, -> is endless -> is infinite. If something is constantly moving or changing then it is infinite. It is only as soon as it stops that it becomes finite.

I think that we, human beings, are expressions of Infinity. We are in a constant state of flux. We have cells dying and being created all the time. Our brain is constantly active. We breathe, blink, feel, grow hair, think every moment of our existence. Because we are always changing, shifting, growing, then we are expressions; manifestations of Infinity. We have no end and so we are infinite.

Back to the definition; it is “…endless in space, extent or size.” I love that “or” because I think that we may not be endless in space or size but we are endless in extent and that “or” allows the definition to be applied to us.

Ah, but we die. We have a limited existence (extent) and so we are not infinite.


When we die our body begins to decay and so continues to change. It then joins the Earth and then from it new things grow, it joins another cycle but it is has not ended, just shifted in the way it exists.  And I’m not sure what happens with our consciousness but I feel that may also continue in a manner of ways. In memories. In family. In interactions and impressions we’ve made with other people. Perhaps reincarnation. Or traveling to another world; Heaven, Valhalla, or the Great Abyss. I’m not quite sure what an afterlife might be but I believe that as expressions of Infinity – there must be something. And regardless of what one believes, as we are here and living we are definitely expressions of infinity, the afterlife is another discussion that really doesn’t need to effect this thought.

But, what does this matter? I guess I like the idea of accepting my own infinite nature because by doing so, it means that anything is possible. When I realize that I’m constantly growing, shifting and changing then I can embrace that I am an expression of infinity, of infinite possibilities, of new choices everyday – every moment. Accepting that gives me a sense of freedom, freedom to take risks, to explore and adventure, to relieve myself of worry because: if I am an expression of Infinity, then I am an expression of Choice; and in choosing I am free to do and be anything I wish. I find it an empowering philosophy to live by; one of my basic principles to Being.

It’s just a thought. And it may change at one point. But for now, it’s a useful idea to include in my life and I’m happy to share it going into the new year.

Happy New Year!
Brave New Revolutions!
Celebrate the Old and Embrace the New!

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