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Coming of My Bloogk – a Blog-book

It’s sad for me that I haven’t been able to blog in a whiile. But I live a crazy life sometimes. I live between two cities so I’m constantly confuzzled about where I am, where I’m working, who I’m meeting for what and so everything has to be meticulously organized. And then on top of it all, a mind-blowing mystery suddenly appeared in my life; a mystery that I’ve documented every step of the way in a diary. This mystery absolutely epitomizes my blog title of Exquisite Randomness. It is so significant to me that I am going to publish it as a book. But who knows how long that will take to get out into the world. I feel the need to share it now! So, I’ve decided to post it in this blog as a Bloogk – a blog-book.

I will be posting my journal entries every other day and you can keep up with this life-mystery of mine. What you will be reading is true. Mostly true… I’ve changed certain things to protect certain people, but it is really is mostly true and it all happened to me.

I’m calling it… A Future Story.

I look forward to sharing my life-altering experiences here with you.