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The 2:22 a.m. Text

At 2:22 this morning I got a text that read:

“If, as sartre says, ‘hell is other people’, then what is heaven? Solitude?”

Really? 2:22 am? Now, how do I sleep?

But this morning an answer came out of the top hat which I texted right away:

“how bout this interpretation: if hell is the feeling of being separate from everyone else ie people are ‘others’ then heaven is the feeling of oneness – that we are all connected, we are one…”

To get on that train of thought to see where it takes me – if I think of everyone else in the world as different or separate from Me, that Their actions are specifically against Mine and My well being, that They are selfish and egocentric and are only concerned with Themselves and getting Their way, then yes “Other people” would be hell.

By that token, if I think of Myself as being a part of the whole that is Humanity, then Heaven is not solitude but is once again “other people”; it is just my relationship to these “other people”; that our journeys are different but the same.

So to go back to the question, “Is Heaven solitude?” No. I think that Hell is solitude when we think of ourselves as separate from Other People even though we are in the middle of them. That we would choose to conflict rather than to collaborate.

But, I guess if you think that solitude is knowing and being comfortable with your authentic self, then “Is Heaven solitude?” the answer is Yes.

It always comes down to perspective, doesn’t it?

da hersh