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Kara is an old highschool chum of David’s. A born-again Aussie (born in OZ, moved to Canada for 15 years, then back to OZ), David and Kara were good buds in school. She just celebrated her 40th birthday, which we missed, but she wants to tell people she’s 50 so they will say she looks good for 50. She’s got two lovely boys; Milo (2½) and Sidney (9mos) and we spent the day in King’s Park in Perth. We had morning tea, which had no tea to a disappointed EZ, but great snacks looking over the city which is what King’s Park does. It is a splendid view as we snacked under four palm trees.

We went to the children’s area which had a little swimming pond, some funky treehouses, some stick tepees and wigwams that kids could play in, a cool rock climbing hill and many zigzagging paths in a sparse forest – needless to say EZ was in heaven and had a ton of fun playing with the kids.

Went to Kara’s for a great lunch of bbq chicken and salad – vegetables is something very lacking in the Aussie diet (rabbit food) – but we devoured in pure delight. The kids took their nap as well as EZ who was tuckered out and cocooned in a hammock they had in their great backyard. Kara has a fab house, all really open, really clean – shockingly with two little boys – and really comfortable. Kara is a teacher who’s taking time with her kids; her husband Carl also teaches and it was great to finally meet him after school today. We sat and chat and they took us to dinner – nice being taken care of by lovely peeps – then home again where we are now buckling down and catching up.

We are planning on being better from now on, so if you’re interested join us as we finish our OZ leg and move into our Asian leg next week; starting with Malaysia.

Cheers from OZ!
EZ and Da Hersh

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  1. So glad I clicked onto the link that lead me to your writings Dave. I know you’re a writer and I trusted that you were a good writer but I don’t think I’ve ever read any of your writings, my writing friend. So I guess I didn’t really know what I was in for. Very refreshing reading. I love how it reads more like your chating with me, (not that chat room chat) an actual chat. Great reading. I’m reading every word and wanting more. And then, low and behold I’m almost at the end of our chat session, well actually, my reading session, and I find a little diddy about your visit to Perth and our long over due catch-up. I feel like I’m famous now!!

    • I just reread the Kara and Kids post too and it brought up such lovely memories. Thanks for the amazing visit and I hope we see you again soon. Love you lots!

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