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This is the first chapter of the novel that I wrote a couple of years ago. I wanted to share it again because there is some renewed excitement about it!

Enjoy your Read!

2012/01/21 – (Saturday, January 21, 2012) – 2:32 p.m. – A Hotel Lobby

Question: How to Begin?

I don’t even know where to start. I know I need to start because…

Start at “The Beginning.”


An introduction.


A pre-introduction introduction.

          Get to the point.

I am a writer and I have recently been faced with a dilemma. A quantum dilemma. An: I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening kind of; science-fiction kind of; space/time continuum conundrum kind of dilemma.

I am a real person. I am a real writer – I mean I write for a living. I did theatre but now I write… but that’s a tangent. I began this by asking, ‘How to Begin?’ and I’m doing a fantastic job of actualizing my lack of clarity by not beginning.

          So begin.

Okay, this is about Time. Notice the capital Time and not, ‘Oh, it’s about time…’ lower case time. This is about an Event that happened… is happening to me right now; that is challenging my sense of time and space and dimension. And multiple dimensions and the essence of Time and how it functions…

          Slow down, don’t get ahead of yourself.

This Event is stressing me out. My mind is stressed. My mind is being pulled into directions that I was not prepared for. I mean, I have an imagination. I know this. I fantasize. I love to write because I love to create worlds from nothing. I love to create rules and laws that govern these imaginary worlds. I love understanding the minutiae of each specific world that, for me, makes the world real and complete. I love worlds that other writers, filmmakers, playwrights etc. have created that take me out of my own world and yet are so real that I feel that I am there living in them. And no matter how unreal or how unlike my own world they are, they still feel like they must exist somewhere, sometime, out there in the infinite worldly Universal Space of Everything. So yes, I am a believer that everything is possible and that the Universe is much More than we can imagine. But this doesn’t mean that I ever expected to face it; to Experience it. And yet, here I am.

Okay. I’m glad I got that off my chest. I feel a bit more grounded. I am breathing calmly. My head isn’t zipping around the clouds. I am here. I am clear.

I am not insane. I am not imagining things. This is real. And I know it is real because it has been physically confirmed by real people: friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. I am writing this while I am in the middle of my quantum pickle because I must. Because I need to record my thoughts before I delve any deeper into the unknown world of space/time. My heart is racing. My eyes are twitching. But I’m ready. I have to begin.


My Story: The Continuum Conundrum

The other day (Thursday, January 19, 2012 to be exact)… I was in a bookstore — a used bookstore. I go into bookstores because I like to imagine my books on the shelves. I said I’m a writer but I’ve mainly been involved in theatre so although I have written, it has lived on stage and not on the page. I am working on my first novel that I’m three years into writing and only a quarter of the way through. I’ve mapped it out – but that’s a tangent. Anyway, I like to imagine seeing my name up on the shelves and thinking that people are reading the stories that I’m creating. It feels good to imagine that, which is why I know I want to be a writer – sorry, same tangent.

I’m looking through the shelves and I am going through the last names and there, on the shelves, I see a book with my name on it: Hersh. This has never happened before. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen any other Hershes on the shelves before because it’s not an uncommon last name but I guess I was kind of surprised to see a Hersh there.

I pull the book off the shelf. It has a solid red cover. Hard bound. And the author’s name written in a gold print: David Hersh. I’m David Hersh.

I remember feeling extremely strange, like I was having an out of body experience. I was also feeling jealous that another David Hersh would write and publish something before I’d get a chance. But then looking at the cover and seeing that name, my name, on the cover printed in regular type, I then saw beneath that name, my name, was… a signature? Unusual for the author’s signature to be printed as well but there it was; a signature. My name. And I realize that as I’m looking at the signature that… it’s my signature. My name. My signature.

I stare at the book and the title haunts my eyes: “A Future Story”

“A Future Story?”

“A Future Story?”

What does that mean?

Do you see?

I find a book in a bookstore; “A Future Story”. It has my name on it, my signature, and I have not written it.

Holy clucking cluck.

I’m freaked out. The world has stopped. I can’t hear anything. I can’t see anything. I don’t know where I am. The Universe suddenly doesn’t make any sense.

I’m confused.

          This is someone else with my name who is already an author.

But it’s my signature.

Who puts their signature on the outside of a book?

No, it’s really my signature.

I look around as if I can ask someone what’s going on. As if anyone around me has any clue what’s going on in my head right now. As if I’m on one of those hidden camera t.v. shows and I’m looking for the prankster.

There is someone else in the store looking through another book.

          Does he look suspicious?

No, blithely ignorant.

Perhaps he can be a comrade. I look over at him mentally begging him to look up at me. I use my jedi powers. I want him to tell me that I’m dreaming or it’s a joke or something. He doesn’t look up. He’s into his own universe which I can confidently bet is a lot more normal than mine is right this second.

The book is still in my hand. My neighbour won’t look at me no matter how longingly I stare for some support. Stupid hat. It’s the hat covering his ears with those stupid, furry earflaps that’s preventing him from realizing I’m slowly — no rapidly falling into a psychic cavern.

So what do I do with this? What do I do with this book? I should open it, right? I have a book in my hand, with my name… with my signature on it and I should see what this is all about. But something is preventing me. I’m worried.

I am pre-dispositioned to think outside the box. When unexplainable things appear in my life I don’t go in willy-nilly and try to disprove everything. Everything is possibly possible. And it’s not that I have inexplicable things happening all the time — or ever before — I just…

          Back to the story.

I’m in the bookstore. I have a book with my name on it. I am assuming, I guess irrationally, that the book is mine. That I have written it. That I haven’t personally, presently or past-ly, written it and yet somehow I must have because it is in my hand right now.

Would someone steal my name? My signature? And then publish a book. Why would anyone do that? Does that even make sense? But does it make more or less sense than what I’m assuming – that I’ve written a book in a future and somehow this book has appeared to me in a past. And if this is what I’m assuming; what the hell’s wrong with me?

I’m standing in the bookstore. Still with the book in my hand. And I still don’t know what to do. Do I open it and confirm it’s me? Or disconfirm it.

If I open it, will there be any information that will lead me to any conclusions.


“Girl swallowed by crocodile in Indonesia while father looks on helplessly.”

This is a news flash banner scrolling along the bottom of the t.v.that’s on in the lobby of the hotel I’m presently writing in. How does this relate to what I’m writing? Is this a sign from the Universe?

[further aside]

I am writing to help myself come to terms with what is happening to me right now. This is the first moment I’ve had to write. It’s begun with this long spurt and I guess I’ll see when it stops. I’m actually meeting a friend whose staying in this hotel because I’m going to ask him some hypothetical questions about the space/time continuum. He’ll enjoy that.

[back to the story]

I am in the bookstore and I’ve decided that I’m not going to open the book. If it is something from the future I don’t want to have a total breakdown in the bookstore. Buy the book and open it somewhere safe. Perhaps where someone can witness and care for me and when I don’t feel like I’m going to have a psychic explosion.

I go to the cash register and put the book down on the counter. I am going to have to try and have a regular conversation. A conversation I have everyday with somebody. “How much?” “How are you?” “Thank you very much.” etc.

The book is on the counter. The owner is not. On the counter or behind it. I don’t like the waiting. I want to scream. Is that normal? Not normally normal. But this is abnormal so maybe screaming is abnormally normal.

I look up the book aisle. Just the guy in his hat reading his book. ‘I’m on a sinking ship here buddy, throw me a line!’ He looks up.

Holy flucking fluck! Thank fluck!

He apologizes. He flucking works here. This is his job. I’m standing in quicksand – which is fantastic because otherwise I’d have rocket fuel in my boots and I’d be shooting off to the un-planet of Pluto.


Scheisse. My friend is here. Gotta stop writing – but there’s so much, so much. I will continue as soon as I get the chance.

I need help.

Before I go… I’m in a bookstore with a book I may have written in the future. How screwed up is that? Going to talk to my hypothetical friend about this hypothetical situation. Continue soon.


At 2:22 this morning I got a text that read:

“If, as sartre says, ‘hell is other people’, then what is heaven? Solitude?”

Really? 2:22 am? Now, how do I sleep?

But this morning an answer came out of the top hat which I texted right away:

“how bout this interpretation: if hell is the feeling of being separate from everyone else ie people are ‘others’ then heaven is the feeling of oneness – that we are all connected, we are one…”

To get on that train of thought to see where it takes me – if I think of everyone else in the world as different or separate from Me, that Their actions are specifically against Mine and My well being, that They are selfish and egocentric and are only concerned with Themselves and getting Their way, then yes “Other people” would be hell.

By that token, if I think of Myself as being a part of the whole that is Humanity, then Heaven is not solitude but is once again “other people”; it is just my relationship to these “other people”; that our journeys are different but the same.

So to go back to the question, “Is Heaven solitude?” No. I think that Hell is solitude when we think of ourselves as separate from Other People even though we are in the middle of them. That we would choose to conflict rather than to collaborate.

But, I guess if you think that solitude is knowing and being comfortable with your authentic self, then “Is Heaven solitude?” the answer is Yes.

It always comes down to perspective, doesn’t it?

da hersh

It’s sad for me that I haven’t been able to blog in a whiile. But I live a crazy life sometimes. I live between two cities so I’m constantly confuzzled about where I am, where I’m working, who I’m meeting for what and so everything has to be meticulously organized. And then on top of it all, a mind-blowing mystery suddenly appeared in my life; a mystery that I’ve documented every step of the way in a diary. This mystery absolutely epitomizes my blog title of Exquisite Randomness. It is so significant to me that I am going to publish it as a book. But who knows how long that will take to get out into the world. I feel the need to share it now! So, I’ve decided to post it in this blog as a Bloogk – a blog-book.

I will be posting my journal entries every other day and you can keep up with this life-mystery of mine. What you will be reading is true. Mostly true… I’ve changed certain things to protect certain people, but it is really is mostly true and it all happened to me.

I’m calling it… A Future Story.

I look forward to sharing my life-altering experiences here with you.


At the end of a year I like to meditate and ask the Universe to give me a sign on an aspect of my life that I should maybe bring more awareness to in the new year. A word or so will present itself and they will be the catch-words for the year. This year, four words came forward. They make the unfortunate acronym FART: Focus. Act. Rejoice. Trust. This wasn’t the order they came in but it helped me remember what they were.

FOCUS – I’ve been so busy in my life; consider myself a Jack-of-all-trades. I direct, act, write, teach, design, produce and administrate and it has brought food to the table but I am not quite satisfied. The multiple hats many artists have to wear seems to be part and parcel to the career we’ve chosen but with all the directions my brain juggles, I rarely have felt I’ve been able to give all my energy to just one field. So this year I’m going to Focus. I love to write and so writing will be my Focus. Focus also has to do with overcoming procrastination and distraction. So this year I am putting my past habits to rest and am attempting to be a Focused individual.

ACT – It’s an easy one that kind of ties in to the last. It is not only about being focused on one thing but to DO that thing, to ACT. So I am going to be an Active Pursuer of that which I’m Focusing on – WRITING.

REJOICE – This was the first word that came to me and not thinking it was a substantial, spiritually enlightening enough pursuit; I went meditating onward. But I did not let it go completely and now I feel it is totally an amazing way to Live Life. So I am going to Rejoice this year. I am going to celebrate my successes and my challenges. I am going to Rejoice in myself and in others. I’m going to have a totally Rejoicefulnating Year!

TRUST – This is the biggie. Trusting my choices. Trusting that I will be taken care of in the choices I make. That making choices will not kill me or bankrupt me or make people hate me. Trust in myself. Trust others. Having Trust removes fear and it reveals how close Trust and fear are connected. When I am afraid of something then I’m not trusting myself or the world. It becomes very clear then when I am not trusting. I have to take a big breath and go for it. I know that with Trust will come comfort, security and joy.

There is also a phrase that I began thinking about when I was on my OZ/SE Asian journey. The phrase is; “Don’t take it personally.” It is something else that I’m adding to my awareness radar. It has helped a lot already to be: less defensive, more understanding to others, realize my own reactions and feelings of “why me?” and “how could so-and-so do this to me?”. I didn’t realize that when someone is driving slowly it’s not because they’re out to make me late for something. Or if someone doesn’t hold the door open for me that they are horrible people. That sometimes really nice and good people have thoughts that are elsewhere and they act accordingly. “Don’t take it personally.” It’s eased my stress levels already and added a great big “WHEW” to my life.

These are my New Year Mantras and I’m looking forward to being conscious of them as me and the Universe roll along happily together.

da hersh

There’s been a fun link floating around about English pronunciation and how random it is sometimes. Read it, it’s totally enjoyable.


I am a proponent of randomness. I love non-sequitureality. I am also a fan of evolution and this link reminded me that I think it is time for the English alphabet to evolve. Weird pronunciation and spelling exceptions can be a thing of the past if we just allow the alphabet to change. I propose that each letter makes just one sound, without exceptions, then: confusion would be avoided for people learning the language, spelling would be made easier, and reading would be a breeze. My daughter, Hannah, and I have been discussing this matter for many years and this pronunciation poem has renewed our passion to help the alphabet evolve. We’ve come up with some ideas over time that I’m sure, when you consider them, will make total sense to you and you’ll say, “YES! That makes total sense to me!”

First, the letters that can be eliminated… ‘C’. ‘C’ makes two sounds, both of which are covered by other letters in the alphabet, ‘K’ and ‘S’. So goodbye ‘C’. ‘Q’ is unnecessary as it is also covered by the sound ‘KW’ would make together. ‘X’ – as much as I love it, is unnecessary. That’s where we’d start so we are now down to 23 letters.

Also, ‘G’ should just be hard like “Gut” and let ‘J’ take care of the soft sound so words like “lodge” would be “lodj”. (Oh yes, the unnecessary ‘e’ should be eliminated – what’s it doing in ‘lodge’ anyway, it doesn’t even make the ‘o’ long.) And ‘Y’ should just make “yuh” and not sound like a long ‘E’ as in “many”.

Letters we’d add… a letter for each of the sounds ‘CH’, ‘SH’, ‘TH’ (both hard and soft – hard TH as in THAT, and soft as in WITH) and we’d add a letter for ‘ING’ because really it seems quite arbitrary why those letter combinations would make those sounds. And I’m sure there was reason at one point and Linguistic Historians could say, “Oh ‘CH’ makes that sound because…” but think of what future linguistic historians will say, “Then they figured – just create new letters. And that’s why reading and writing is so much easier today.” There are already alphabets out there that consider these sounds letters so I’m just suggesting we do the same. So add five letters, we’re now at 28. So really what’s two more letters to add?

We’d also like to make the vowels easier. I think we should just put a long accent, ‘-’, above the vowel if it’s long. French uses accents, English could too. A = ah, Ā = ay, E = eh, Ē = ee, I = ih, Ī = eye, O = o, Ō = oh, U = uh, and Ū = oo. So simple. Then we could lose the not-always-the-rule ‘e’ at the end of a word to make the vowel long (using lodge again as an example).

And I know that there is the sounding symbols they use in dictionaries but that seems too radical, too many new things to learn. Simplicity is my vote. So lose the rules like: “i before e except after c” – Ridiculous! ‘Gh’ and ‘Ph’ both make ‘F’. Did no one trust ‘F’ to be able to take care of it herself? Make it EZ, I say, Simplicity is Best. Now following is an example.

“This is a sentence that has no particular meaning, I am just using it as an example of how the genuine use of an inspired and evolved new English alphabet could benefit Canadian kind.”

Now for fun sakes only, use this map key to read the following. (I am not suggesting that these symbols be the future symbols of these sounds.)

ч = ‘ch’
ς = ‘sh’
ŧ = soft ‘th’
Ŧ = hard ‘th’
ŋ = ‘ing’

Now read…

“Ŧis iz a sentens Ŧat haz nō partikūlar mēnŋ, Ī am just ūzŋ it az an ekzampl ov how Ŧu jenūin yūs ov an inspīrd and ēvolvd nū ŋliς alfabet kud benefit Kanādēan kīnd.”

Okay, maybe it’ll take some getting yūs tū, but I think in the end wee r heding that way eneeway. With teks and mesajing, peepl r shortning wrdz or making up nu wrdz all the time. Speling had its time, it is now the time for simpl sens. Rīt it how it sowndz. Simplisitē.

Ŧōz r mī ŧots on Ŧat. And mãbē if ēnuf pēpl bēgin to чalenj Ŧu hīr powrz of ŋlō-rēpreςun, nū and bēūtiful ekspreςuns kan bē bōrn.

da hrς

* If Ŧis blog insīts: a spark, a ŧot, a rēakςun bē it intelekчūal, ēmōςunal ōr spiriчual; plēz fēl frē tū kopē and rēpōst Ŧu blog in enē uv yōr Personal Sōςal Ēŧerwerld Konektōrz. Ŧu mōr Ŧu merēer.

I am intrigued by the c0ncept of infinity. The idea that something has no end, no boundaries, that encompasses Absolutely Everything – it’s a big thought. My mac dictionary says infinity is, “limitless or endless in space, extent or size.” I like that definition, ‘limitless and endless’, and the way I define that definition is thus… I think of Infinity as a state of constant flux – of constant change. If something is changing, no matter how minutely, it is an expression of infinity because as long as it’s changing it has no fixed end -> endless. You can’t put a measure on it because as soon as you do it is changing and therefore has no finite shape. So when I make infinity a shape, I think of it like a colourful cloud, I imagine that cloud is a constant shifting of colour and shape and size and dimension and I imagine Infinity as such a shape. As long as the cloud shifts, it has no end, -> is endless -> is infinite. If something is constantly moving or changing then it is infinite. It is only as soon as it stops that it becomes finite.

I think that we, human beings, are expressions of Infinity. We are in a constant state of flux. We have cells dying and being created all the time. Our brain is constantly active. We breathe, blink, feel, grow hair, think every moment of our existence. Because we are always changing, shifting, growing, then we are expressions; manifestations of Infinity. We have no end and so we are infinite.

Back to the definition; it is “…endless in space, extent or size.” I love that “or” because I think that we may not be endless in space or size but we are endless in extent and that “or” allows the definition to be applied to us.

Ah, but we die. We have a limited existence (extent) and so we are not infinite.


When we die our body begins to decay and so continues to change. It then joins the Earth and then from it new things grow, it joins another cycle but it is has not ended, just shifted in the way it exists.  And I’m not sure what happens with our consciousness but I feel that may also continue in a manner of ways. In memories. In family. In interactions and impressions we’ve made with other people. Perhaps reincarnation. Or traveling to another world; Heaven, Valhalla, or the Great Abyss. I’m not quite sure what an afterlife might be but I believe that as expressions of Infinity – there must be something. And regardless of what one believes, as we are here and living we are definitely expressions of infinity, the afterlife is another discussion that really doesn’t need to effect this thought.

But, what does this matter? I guess I like the idea of accepting my own infinite nature because by doing so, it means that anything is possible. When I realize that I’m constantly growing, shifting and changing then I can embrace that I am an expression of infinity, of infinite possibilities, of new choices everyday – every moment. Accepting that gives me a sense of freedom, freedom to take risks, to explore and adventure, to relieve myself of worry because: if I am an expression of Infinity, then I am an expression of Choice; and in choosing I am free to do and be anything I wish. I find it an empowering philosophy to live by; one of my basic principles to Being.

It’s just a thought. And it may change at one point. But for now, it’s a useful idea to include in my life and I’m happy to share it going into the new year.

Happy New Year!
Brave New Revolutions!
Celebrate the Old and Embrace the New!

da hersh

* If this blog incites: a spark, a thought, a reaction be it intellectual, emotional or spiritual; please feel free to copy and repost the blog in any of your Personal Social Etherworld Connectors. The more the merrier.

It was a while ago when I became skeptical of New Year Resolutions. I never really did them myself but people talked about them; how they never really followed them through, and how bad that made them feel when they failed to carry out their Resolution. I did try a few times in my life but I’d fall into the same trap. Then one day, in my skepticism, I realized the word “resolution” just wasn’t doing it for me. “I resolve to get something done. To change my life.” A resolution just felt to me like a promise. I resolve, I promise to do such and such. But in the end  that promise was quickly broken. In my mind, a resolution is just an idea of something, usually a disconnected image of what would make me a better person. But if I really want to change something I need to be active about it. I decided that I was no longer going to do New Year’s Resolutions but instead do New Year’s Revolutions. I want to take decisive actions to change something in my life. I usually keep it broad and flexible, more a way of how I want to live life. For example instead of resolving to go to the gym, I raise up a Health Revolution and work towards making my life more healthy which includes physical, and mental health. It just feels like a more proactive way to approach change in my life.

One year I tried New Year Evolutions. I thought, “Whoa, that’s a good idea. Evolve.” The thing about my evolutions – my relationship to the word made me think of slower change and something that would just happen without me. Evolution takes millions of years (at least that’s the way I think of it.) So I decided to go back to Revolutions which has Evolution inside of it so Evolution is implied in Revolution – to re-evolve.

So now I write down my New Year Revolutions. Usually I write out two copies, one I burn, the other I keep to use as a reminder throughout the year of how I’d like to change.

Also, for the past 10 years, I’ve had a word or words that would be the theme for the year. The word will just come to me, usually just as I’m waking up and I’ll hear the word and think, ‘Oh, so that is this year’s word.’ Last year it was “Commitment,” and one year it was “Integrity,” another year “Decisive.” And the word comes within days of the New Year so I don’t know quite what it is yet but may know by the time I post this and so I’m happy to share it when it comes.

Have a Happy New Year!
Health, Magic and Abundance!
Long Live Your New Year Revolutions!

da hersh